My name is Tara Nicole Doherty and I am 18 years old.  I was born in Fort Lewis, Washington on February 2, 1998 into a military family.  Three high schools and eleven moves later I decided to move to Fort Collins, Colorado and attend Colorado State University.  I am super close with my family so moving here from North Carolina without my parents has been a little difficult, but CSU has been great so far. One of my favorite things in the whole world are animals.  My mom and I have been fostering kittens that are sick or too young to be adopted at the animal shelter she works at for about three years.  Taking care of these animals has helped me realize that there is nothing I want more for myself than to be a Veterinarian one day and help all of the animals I can. My favorite color is and will always be blue.  When I have free time I really enjoy simple things such as reading, hanging out with friends, watching my favorite shows on Netflix, listening to music and hiking.