Blog Post #6: Writing Processes

Coming into this class my writing process was somewhat mediocre.  In high school I did not do a lot of writing assignments and when I did they were never lengthy or graded harshly.  Therefore, I did the bare minimum and was still able to receive A’s and B’s. When planning papers I would read the assignment, do some research and then write a rough draft.  After finishing the rough draft I would have a fellow peer read my paper and give me advice on how to revise.  After the first week in this class I quickly realized that I was going to have to make some adjustments.

My writing process now is pretty different.  Now, after receiving a writing assignment, I dedicate more time to the planning process.  I read the assignment, do research, and plan out my rough draft.  I plan out my rough draft by completing an outline or simply writing out what information I have found on a scratch piece of paper and then type it up.  After completing my rough draft I still have my fellow peers read it and give me comments on what I should change or elaborate on.  I then make the suggested changes and reread my paper at least twice before submitting the final copy.

When I write papers in the future I want to sound as informed as I possibly can as well as picking a specific audience to write towards.  I will probably go through the same process of writing that I mentioned in the last question, but will also try to receive more help from the writing center because they are an extremely great resource that I should begin taking advantage of.

My current plan for writing the research paper is to begin as soon as possible.  I think it is a good idea to write over time instead of all at once, but for this paper I want, because of its importance, to get my ideas down on paper and then revise over and over again until the due date.  As I begin to write my research paper I will probably discover that I am lacking information and therefore will research whatever I need to, to fill the gap.  I also will pay a visit to the writing center to receive help when I begin to struggle.  The thing I think I will struggle the most with is the word count.  I tend to make things short and sweet when I write so getting to 2300 words is going to be difficult for me.


2 thoughts on “Blog Post #6: Writing Processes

  1. Tara,

    I love your honesty. I don’t think many people would be willing to admit they did the bare minimum and got A’s and B’s. Having peers read your papers in high school is a very mature thing to do especially with out any instruction to do so. This class has definitely been a wake up call for me and my writing as well. I have been using the writing center a lot and get really good feedback. Best of luck to you on getting your paper started, i am sure it will be fantastic!


  2. That is great that you admit the truth. Until senior year, none of my papers were graded too harshly either. I am glad you have a great plan for this project, and that you are willing to utilize your resources!


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