Blog Post 5: Starting Research

For our next project I have decided to write about emotional support animals and the benefits they provide students, especially college students.  I chose this topic because I think it’s so interesting how just being in the presence of an animal can relieve so much stress.

Throughout my essay I will write about the many different ways in which animals benefit college students not only mentally, but academically as well.  Right now in order to have permission to have an emotional support animal on campus you have to go through a strenuous process.  I want to guide you through these steps and suggest a way they could make this process a little easier.  Another difficulty many students face when trying to register their animal is that many colleges are picky about the types of animals they allow on their campuses.  I agree that there has to be some restrictions, but emotional support pets shouldn’t just be narrowed down to dogs and cats.

I believe my topic is narrowed down and is specific.  Although this is not a pressing issue to many people, I think it’s beneficial to discuss.  Now, more than ever people, especially college students, are facing mental illnesses such as stress, anxiety and depression. The effects of these mental illnesses can be detrimental to a students life socially and academically.  Emotional support animals are helping college students everywhere around the world cope with these illnesses.  Even students who are not affected by mental illnesses benefit from interacting with them.  All and all emotional support animals provide great stress relief and make everyones day a little brighter.



5 thoughts on “Blog Post 5: Starting Research

  1. Great choice on your topic and I completely agree with you that emotional support animals should be talked about thoroughly. It is a common misconception among most people, that emotional support animals are just pets and that college students only register an animal as one so that they can legally bring their dog inside the dorms. As someone who has friends with emotional support animals, I know just how hard the process is and just how much they can actually affect the person. I have seen first hand how an emotional support animal can improve someone physically, emotionally, socially and academically. I am looking forward to reading your article about this subject as it is something I am very interested in.


  2. I think this is a great idea for a topic as it affects us as students directly. I am actually very interested in figuring out this process as I like animals and had considered getting an ESA.


  3. I think you choose a very interesting topic that could pertain to a lot and effects students overall as a good audience. I would love the opportunity to get an animal some time during my CSU career so I would love to hear more about this.


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