Blog Post #4: What Are You Thinking of Writing About?

As I was flipping through Rereading America one article caught my eye instantly, Why Are All The Cartoon Mothers Dead? by Sarah Boxer.  I think this article stood out to me so much because this was something I noticed while growing up and still see today in many animated movies.

Now that I had found one article I really enjoyed and wanted to use I had to find two others that related to this article in some way.  It took me awhile to find a connection to another article, but after reading the intro to The Longest War and Becoming Members of Society: Learning The Social Meaning of Gender I had an idea.

The Longest War by Rebecca Solnit might be a little bit of a stretch to relate with the other two articles so if anyone has any suggestion about another article that may fit better it would be greatly appreciated, but it is about how violence against women is overlooked simply because it is thought of as unimportant because women are “inferior” anyways. Becoming Members of Society: Learning The Social Meaning of Gender by Aaron H. Devor is about how what it means to be a male or a female is socially constructed and males and females are suppose to x,y,z.  And lastly, Why Are All The Cartoon Mothers Dead? by Sarah Boxer is about what the title says, pretty much, it just discusses what the author believes the reason to be is.

My idea for this paper is to write about gender inequality/ sexism.  I related the three articles together by asking myself some questions like, do they kill off the mothers in these movies because we have been brought up by society to think that men are superior and can raise their children on their own better then a women could?  As well as why are so many things that are feminine thought of as weak or unimportant?

Please let me know what you all think.



8 thoughts on “Blog Post #4: What Are You Thinking of Writing About?

  1. I like how you actually tried to relate those three! When I read the “Longest War” intro, I think you could connect the three because of the violence and killing of women, cartoon or not, and maybe bring in some statistics about assault rate to back it up!


  2. That is a very powerful topic to write about and the cartoon you used will strengthen your paper. Gender equality is a big issue that needs to be addressed. The article “Forget the glass ceiling, we need to fix the broken windows first” by Jean Martin is a good piece of work to reference when writing about women inequality. The structure of this article really puts the issue in perspective.


  3. I also like how you are trying to connect the three articles together, this will make for a good synthesis essay. Dont know it will work at all, but the article im doing is “From Fly-Girls To Bitches And Hos” on page 533. It talks about inequality and sexism and you might be able to relate this back to the article if one of the three dosent work out. However, i have not read any of these three so i could be completely off. Just an idea though, could be worth your time! Good luck hope you find what your looking for!


  4. I never even thought about this idea so good on you for that! now that i’m considering it it is strange that cartoon mothers are dead normally, but I think its just device to drive the plot, in some situations it very well be sexism intentionally though and i’m interested to see what you find.


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