Project 2: Rhetorical Analysis

After reading all three of the texts I have decided to analyze from Rez Life: An Indian’s Journey Through Reservation Life by David Treuer.  I chose this article from the other because more examples of Ethos, Pathos, and Logos popped out at me then they did in the other two articles.  I also find this article a little more fascinating then the others, therefore it will be easier for me to write about.  One point that a found interesting in particular was how there was 300 plus Native American languages spoken at one point in time, but today only a few remain.  To me that is pretty mind boggling how a culture and languages can die out so quickly over a span of a few years.  I also enjoy how determined and positive the Ojibwe language activists are to try and revive their culture and language by teaching it to children.


3 thoughts on “Project 2: Rhetorical Analysis

  1. I chose this article as well. It was really interesting to me to get a perspective from the Native American side, which showed how our society is trying to convert them to our society and culture.


  2. If the Ojibwe indian language died out so fast, do you think that eventually there will only be one language? Would that language be english? I like how you found pathos and you can connect it to your interests!


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