Ethos, Pathos & Logos

The first step to becoming a better reader/ writer is understanding the meaning and purpose of ethos, pathos and logos.  Ethos is an appeal to someones ethics and it used when trying to persuade someone to consider the speaker or character as a credible source.  For example, when I write lab reports I have to provide evidence to support my hypothesis, otherwise it would not be as believable. Pathos is an emotional appeal and is used in an argument to provoke an emotional response.  In Everyone’s an Author they talk about using specific words that could spark emotion.  In the text they give the example from a paragraph about Lincoln, using the words “big” and “brave” spark emotional responses because those are qualities many Americans value in a person.  And last but not least, logos is an appeal to logic and is used in an argument to persuade the audience by reason.  So next time you’re reading a text or writing an essay for class, use these rhetorical skills to amp up your literary skills. heart-head-cred


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